Past Courses


Back in Person Seminar :  Some Days You’re a Pigeon, Some Days the Statue Presented by Dave Weber Wednesday March 9, 2022 Full Day Seminar 


PROSTHETIC CHALLENGES IN FULL ARCH RESTORATION WEDNESDAY MAY 19, 2021   PRESENTED BY DR. PAULINO CASTELLON, DDSClassification and treatment planning of edentulous patients or those with failing dentition will be explored.   

LiveWebcast :  How to keep your Brand Positive and Marketing Effective during a Pandemic speaker: Blake McClellan

LIVEWEBCAST :The Emergency Implant Brad A. Purcell, DDS, MS 

Wednesday April 29, 2020
Restorative Considerations in Implant Treatment Planning &
Managing Challenging Clinical Scenarios November 6th, 2019 Speaker / Paul S. Olin, DDS
Social Media in Dentistry Spring Course 2019 Keeping Your Practice ALIVE & THRIVING 

CreatingLeaders•Recovering Lost Patients• Becoming Heroes Guest Speaker:Joy Millis

Fall 2018

Critical Thought Processes When Transitioning Patients From Natural Teeth To Dental Implants Spring 2018

 Photographic Documentation & Evaluation /Team Based Dentistry Fall 2017

 Legal Aspects of Dentistry

OSHA/HIPAA Compliance  

Full Arch Immediate Rehabilitation: Why, Who & How Fall 2016

Program of Continuing Education for Doctors and Clinical Coordinators

Interdisciplinary Care:A Multi-Specialty Approach to Dental Implant Therapy – Summer 2016

The Balance of Occlusion and Aesthetics: Fall 2015

Program of Continuing Education for Doctors

The State of Social Media in Dentistry: Spring 2015

Program of Continuing Education for Doctors and One Staff Member