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The Costs of Properly Fixing Your Teeth: Are Dental Implants Expensive?

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Depending on where you get them, who your dentist is and what type of material and product you chose, the price you’d have to pay for Highland Park dental implants can vary greatly. Some implants that are made and applied using less advanced technology can be pretty cheap, while others that use advanced ceramics and the latest technologies will cost a lot.


The price is usually associated to what is available in the industry at the current time. Unfortunately for people who don’t have a lot of money at their disposal and who don’t possess a good dental insurance policy, the technology is advancing to a remarkable pace. This does mean that your health can be protected in a better way by getting higher quality dental implants, but it also means that the only dental implants you might have the option of choosing will be pretty expensive for your budget.


Instead of searching for dentists who work cheap and offer older solutions at a more reasonable price, most dentists recommend that it’s better to save up and invest in higher quality implants. They will last longer, and your implants only have to be checked and possibly replaced once every few decades, so a slightly higher investment might actually pay off in the long run, rather than risk the complications of getting a less reliable product.

How Does PRF Help The Dental Surgery Process

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Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) is a state-of-the-art technology that uses cells from the patient’s own body to promote tissue regeneration and the development and maturization of various types of soft tissue. The method involves the harvesting of the cells, the preparation of the biomaterial and the introduction of the material into the patient’s body through injections or through special gels used in surgical environments. The material prepared from the patient’s own cells is rich in cytokines and growth factors that promote cell rejuvenation in the treated area and it also reduces the risks of adverse reactions.

PRF therapy is used in many medical areas, including aesthetic surgery, but one of its most important uses is in fields that involve invasive surgical interventions in high-risk areas, such as the areas close to the ear, the brain and the eyes. When used in dental surgery, the procedure promotes faster healing and reduces the risk of complications, such as infections after the surgery. The method is also used in the treatment of periodontal disease, especially for severe chronic cases, and can be done by the best oral surgeon Chicago.

Other benefits of PRF treatment include quick and easy preparation – the doctor’s surgeries that are approved for preparing the biomaterial use special equipment and meet special requirements that make the process very quick and safe.

What Are The Benefits of Distraction Osteogenesis

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Distraction osteogenesis is a method that has been long used for extending the length of a bone, most commonly to correct problems that affect the face, especially the mandible, in childhood. The method involves surgery during which the bone to be lengthened is cut into two, after which a device called a distractor is introduced between the two parts to pull the pieces apart, encouraging the body to fill the gap with new bone tissue over time. The distractor might be placed under the skin or attached to an exterior device – in the latter case, the patient’s caregiver adjusts the screws on the external device regularly to sustain the production of new bone.

The method has been efficiently used to correct various issues, such as an abnormally small jawbone and other, growth-related issues, such as improperly aligned jaws. It has many advantages over traditional surgical methods that use bone grafts to lengthen the affected bone:

  • Healing time in the surgical area is much shorter, usually 10-14 days;
  • The method does not involve cuts made on the face, therefore the process reduces or completely eliminates visible scarring of the face;
  • The complete process of creating bone of the right shape and size is significantly shorter that with traditional interventions.

It’s best to find the best oral surgeon like https://www.oralsurgery-hicd.com/contact-us/contact-information-office-map/ to do this type of bone surgery with experience in this area.

Do Dental Implants Last Forever?

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Nothing in this world lasts forever, not even dental implants, but dental implants Park Ridge offers are definitely among the most durable dental replacement solutions available today. The average life expectancy of a dental implant is over 25 years, but how long your implants will last depends on many factors – here are some:

  • Care and maintenance – dental implants are artificial teeth made from strong materials, so they will never develop caries, but your dental cleaning practices will influence the longevity of your implant. Artificial teeth need to be cleaned the same way as natural teeth, brushing at least twice a day, flossing once and swishing with an antibacterial mouthwash daily;
  • Usage – chewing or biting on hard things, such as nuts and teeth grinding will affect the lifespan of your implant, too;
  • The location of the implant – implants located in the back of the mouth are exposed to more wear and tear and receive more pressure than the teeth in the front, therefore the risk of damage is higher in the case of teeth in the back;
  • Lifestyle and general health – smoking, alcohol consumption, illnesses that affect bone density can all increase the risk of implant failure. If the structure of the bone into which the implant is installed weakens, the implant might become loose or it might fall out – if you feel that your implant moves, visit your dentist immediately.

When Should You Replace A Tooth With A Dental Implant

When Dental Implant Needed

Dental implants are great, modern dental replacement solutions that feel and look exactly like natural teeth and that come with a reduced risk of being rejected by the patient’s body. Here are some scenarios in which dental implants could be the best solution:

  • One or multiple teeth missing – dental implants are installed one by one, therefore they are suitable for replacing any tooth;
  • Dental replacement when bridges are not an option – a bridge is a dental replacement solution that rests on two healthy teeth at each end, bridging over the gap left by the extracted tooth or teeth. However, the existing teeth do not allow for creating the two pillars, implanting is the best solution;
  • Dental replacement when dentures are not an option – not every patients wants or is able to wear dentures. Many people cannot get used to dentures, they suffer from gum pain, nausea or other forms of discomfort and some people are not willing to put up with the changes in their speech and eating habits that complete dentures might cause. For these people, a Buffalo Grove dental implant service might be a great alternative – though implants are not cheap and the implantation process is lengthy, too, the solution is great for replacing any number of teeth, anywhere in the mouth.

How Orthognathic Surgery Can Help Certain Sleep Apnea Patients

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Orthognathic surgery from places such as HICD, more commonly known as corrective jaw surgery or simply jaw surgery, is an intervention performed to correct structural and growth-related issues that affect the face and the jaw as well as for other common problems, such as temporomandibular joint syndrome or the even more common sleep apnea. Jaw surgery is actually the most efficient treatment for sleep apnea, bringing positive results in over 90% of the cases treated this way – here is how it offers help for the sufferers of the affection:

  • Removal of the tissue that causes the apnea – apnea is a breathing disorder that affects the patient’s breathing during sleep. Apnea causes the patient’s airways to become obstructed during sleep, stopping the breathing for a short period. Orthognatic surgery is usually preceded by imaging procedures to identify the deformity that needs to be corrected, then the intervention solves the problem by removing the tissue that causes the obstruction of the airways;
  • A minor, routine intervention – though performed in complete anesthesia, jaw surgery intended to treat sleep apnea is a very common, routine intervention that does not take long and is associated with reduced levels of risk. Recovery is also very quick after the intervention.


How Do You Know If Uvulo-Palato-Pharyngo-Plasty Surgery Is Needed

sleep apnea oral surgery Uvulo Palato Pharyngo PlastyUvulo-palato-pharyngo-plasty, more commonly known as UPPP, is the most common method used for treating adult sleep apnea, a very frequently encountered sleep disorder that manifests in the form collapsed airways during sleep and can potentially lead to life-threatening air deprivation. The people suffering from sleep apnea stop breathing for short periods several times per night and the condition also involves loud snoring and improper rest that leads to somnolence and fatigue.

To figure out whether an apnoea patient needs UPPP, the patient’s doctor will perform various tests and examinations to find the area in which the obstruction is located – it can be the uvula, the tonsils, the soft palate and others. The decision to have surgery or to try other treatment options will be determined based on the severity of the issue – in most cases, surgery is the last method to try, weight loss, learning to sleep in a different position than before, quitting smoking, using a humidifier and the usage of oral and nasal devices can bring excellent results. If surgery is the best course of action, the intervention will involve the removal of a part of the area that causes the obstruction to improve the flow of air.  To get the professional help that is needed to correct this call on https://www.oralsurgery-hicd.com/.

When Is Dental Bone Smoothing and Reshaping Needed

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Dentures are great, comfortable dental replacement solutions, but if the jawbone that they rest on is not perfectly even, the dentures might shift or move around, they might fall out unexpectedly and they might even affect the patient’s digestion and their ability to chew food. The risk of developing an uneven jawbone is especially high in the case that multiple, adjacent teeth need to be extracted. The procedure used for ensuring that the jawbone is even is called bone smoothing and reshaping, also known as alveoplasty– here are some things that you should know about the method:

  • The steps of the procedure – alveoplasty starts with anesthesia to numb the surgical area, then the jawbone ridge is exposed creating a gum tissue flap. The shape of the exposed bone is corrected with the help of bone files and drills, then the smoothness of the bone is verified and the gum tissue flap is reattached to close the surgical area. In some cases, the smoothing is performed along with the multiple extractions;
  • The surgical area usually heals in 4-6 weeks. When the healing is complete, the denture construction can begin and the patient is ready for receiving the denture and for wearing it without any discomfort or difficulty.  Other options like Skokie dental implant may be a consideration for those with denture discomfort.

When Is Pre-Prosthetic Surgery Required Before Dentures

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Pre-prosthetic surgery, also known as alveoplasty or jawbone reshaping and smoothing, is the process of surgically removing any ridges or bumps that might make the patient’s jawbone uneven. An even jawbone is very important for patients who are going to receive dentures – dentures are usually rigid structures that cannot rest safely on uneven gums; if they are not used on smooth gums, they might move and shift and they might also interfere with the patient’s ability to eat. If smoothening is required, it is usually performed before receiving the prosthetic device – here is what you should know about the procedure:

  • Alveoplasty is usually performed before creating the dentures, often alongside multiple extractions;
  • The procedure is performed under anesthesia by dental implants Highland Park specialists;
  • The intervention involves the creation of a gum tissue flap to expose the uneven bone, the removal of the ridge or bump on the bone, then the reattachment of the gum tissue flap to close the area that has been operated on;
  • The time required for complete healing is usually between 4 and 6 weeks. When the healing process is complete, the doctor can take the final mold of the patient’s mouth and the dentures can be produced by the dental technician.

What Are Jaw Disorders?

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Jaw disorders can cause pain, disfunctions of the jaw that can lead to difficulties smiling, eating, drinking and speaking, headaches, earaches, even the shifting of the teeth. Here are some of the common forms of manifestation of the disorder:

  • Issues resulting from a trauma sustained by the jaw – sever blows to the face and the jaw can dislocate the joint of the jaw and can also affect the muscles, the ligaments and the nerves in the jaw area, causing pain, even a complete mouth lock;
  • Temporomandibular joint syndrome – the condition affects the hinge-like joint that connects the jawbone to the skull. The affection can be caused by trauma, by inflammation of the tooth or the other tissues in the jaw area or of the sinuses or by teeth grinding and it manifests in the form of pain that might radiate to the ear as well as difficulties moving the jaw;
  • Sinus problems – if the air-filled cavities located under the eyes, around the nose become inflamed or infected, they might fill with liquid that puts pressure on the jaw joints and causes pain;
  • Severe dental infections and abscesses – sometimes untreated dental infections can also affect the jaws, making jaw movement painful or limited, for dental disorder treatment find the best specialists at https://www.oralsurgery-hicd.com/contact-us/highland-park-office/.