If you need your wisdom teeth removed, this is the place to do it! Dr. Amitkumar Patel and staff were so friendly. He even called me the same night to check in how I was doing. Wonderful service. Highly recommend!!!
My procedure went smoothly and my pain was well controlled. Dr. Dumanis and his staff were great and made sure I was comfortable.

Steven B

This is the third time I have needed a tooth removed. They are exceptional at what they do.
This was my first experience of an extraction and it was so nice of the doctor telling me step by step of the procedure as he was performing the surgery. It was reassuring. Thank you Dr. Dumanis. Valerie
My son had all 4 wisdom teeth removed today. We had a consultation 3 weeks ago which went well, and his surgery today seems to have gone very well. He had no complications and not much bleeding after removing the gauze. He is resting comfortably on the medication that was prescribed on discharge. The surgeon just called to check on him and told us to call him with any concerns. The office staff handled all the paperwork efficiently and it was an overall good experience.
Thorough explanation and details prior to the procedure. Caring staff.