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Do You Need to Remove Wisdom Teeth If They Grow in Properly?

Wisdom teeth are the teeth that are responsible for the most considerable part of dental issues – the loss of function, the hard-to-reach location and the proneness to development defect makes the third molars highly problematic. While many specialists recommend the wisdom tooth extraction Park Ridge offers soon after they erupt, before they start causing […]

How To Handle Receding Gum Lines

If you have noticed that your gum seems to be pulling back, making your teeth look longer, you are probably suffering from receding gums. The problem can have many causes, the most severe and most common one being gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, caused by natural aging, poor oral hygiene or medical conditions, […]

What Is the Reasoning to Have Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom teeth are vestigial molars that do not fulfill any role in chewing and this practical uselessness, combined with the difficult-to-reach location of wisdom teeth, can lead to severe dental issues. Here are some of the reasons that justify the removal of wisdom teeth when the signs and symptoms are still minor: Pain – in […]

When is Dental Bone Surgery Needed?

Dental bone surgery, also known as dental bone grafting, is a minor surgical intervention that involves a minor incision through which artificial bone material or a tiny piece of bone removed from another area in the patient’s own body is inserted into the jaw to encourage the patient’s body to grow new bone cells in […]

Why is Oral Surgery Needed?

Oral surgery comprises a wide set of interventions, from minor interventions to remove growths from the oral cavity to complex ones to remove tumors or to correct the damage caused by traumas. Here are some of the most common situation that might require intervention by an oral surgeon: Impacted teeth – impaction happens when one […]

Is it Recommended to Have Wisdom Teeth Extracted

Wisdom teeth, also called third molars, are teeth that don’t play any role in chewing and grinding our food and like any organ that is not used, they are more prone to damage and incorrect development than the teeth that are functional. However, wisdom teeth do not necessarily cause problems. Many people have healthy, strong […]

Do Dental Implants Last Forever?

Nothing in this world lasts forever, not even dental implants, but dental implants Park Ridge offers are definitely among the most durable dental replacement solutions available today. The average life expectancy of a dental implant is over 25 years, but how long your implants will last depends on many factors – here are some: Care […]

How Do You Know If Uvulo-Palato-Pharyngo-Plasty Surgery Is Needed

Uvulo-palato-pharyngo-plasty, more commonly known as UPPP, is the most common method used for treating adult sleep apnea, a very frequently encountered sleep disorder that manifests in the form collapsed airways during sleep and can potentially lead to life-threatening air deprivation. The people suffering from sleep apnea stop breathing for short periods several times per night […]

When Is Pre-Prosthetic Surgery Required Before Dentures

Pre-prosthetic surgery, also known as alveoplasty or jawbone reshaping and smoothing, is the process of surgically removing any ridges or bumps that might make the patient’s jawbone uneven. An even jawbone is very important for patients who are going to receive dentures – dentures are usually rigid structures that cannot rest safely on uneven gums; […]

What is Distraction Osteogenesis

Bone additions represent the process by which the specialist repairs destroyed maxillary bone. If you want to have a dental implants Buffalo Grove offices do, but x-rays and/ or dental tomography show that you have a fragile, short or thin jaw due to bone loss, then surgery will be needed to perform the bone addition. […]